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Extra Large Fall Wreath with Pheasant Feathers

Extra Large Fall Wreath with Pheasant Feathers

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Here is a Fall themed wreath made from repurposed shotgun shells.  These wreaths come with a wire hanging loop, ready to hang on the wall, or use a wreath hanger on the door.   The feather arrangements are unique to each wreath and will vary as none of them look the same, but it will be beautiful.  The decorative bows are all individually handmade and may vary slightly from the picture, but they will still complement the wreath nicely.

Choose your bow style.  You can add green shells to the color mix as an option.

Outside dimensions is around 22 inches.  The center opening is about 6 inches.  There is a backing to prevent scratching.  The shotgun shells are repurposed and modified for this wreath, they are not useable for reloading.  These wreaths are intended for indoor use only.

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