About Us

First off, we want to make it clear that we do not sell anything that contains live ammunition.  Our products do not feature "inert" or replica ammo or weapons either.  Our products are only made from used, spent, discharged (however you want to word it) ammunition casings and shotgun hulls.  They are completely empty.  They have been permanently modified for craft and decoration use only and cannot be used for reloading.  We do not sell any type of reloading supply.  We have to make sure that is clearly stated for some of the websites we advertise on do not allow weapons or ammo of any type.  It can be a constant battle with some websites continually removing our products.   


This endeavor is run by my husband and I.  It all started a few years ago when our daughter signed up for her high school trap shooting team.  We found it amazing that here in California, a school is able to have a "shooting" team of any kind and we found that there are actually quite a few schools throughout the state that have various types of shooting sports teams (mostly in the rural "Red" areas if you know what I mean).  I collected a few handfuls of spent shotgun hulls from some of the competitions just to see what I could make to pass the time.  I ended up making my first wreath from the shotgun hulls.  i got lots of interest in my items, so I figured I would make a few more.  Then I started to get ideas for other decorations and jewelry made from shotgun shells and spent bullet casings.  We are now able to sell items to help offset the expenses we encounter.  

Your purchase from our website helps fund and encourage our youth shooters.  You are helping to pass sportsmanship and recreational shooting on to the next generation.  So your support here will go a long way.  Thank you for your support.

(Shooting a hat to celebrate a perfect 25 score for a squad member)